The Atlantic Security Conference - 2018

AtlSecCon 2018 AtlSecCon has come and gone again, April 26-27th, 2018 was the eighth consecutive year for the Atlantic Security Conference. We have seen organic growth year after year and this year was no exception. The attendees this year were easily the most diverse group to date and I feel very grateful to be involved with AtlSecCon as one of five directors. (Founder - Travis Barlow, Directors - Andrew Kozma, Steve Quinn, Darryl MacLeod, Nick Gyorfi).
New Venue
This years conference was held in the new Nova Centre, all I can say is wow! It really is a fantastic space and some of the views of Halifax from the ceiling to floor windows are nothing short of spectacular. It really is a first class venue and I am confident visitors to Halifax will feel the same. The new space can accommodate our conference for years to come, and hopefully we will continue to grow in both size and quality. More info about the centre can be found here:
The Halifax Convention Centre

GoSecure and HP C…

Testing Your Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan

Regarding the real world application of skills undoubtedly the most famous of all samurai Miyamoto Musashi states in The Book of Five Rings  that "You can only fight the way you practice."

As security professionals when performing assessments and audits we request and review a client's Security Incident Response Plan, if there is one. Just this week the Ponemon Institute released "The Third Annual Study  on The Cyber Resilient Organization" indicating that 77% of organizations lack a proper incident response plan. I suspect that of those organizations with a plan few have actually tested and put it to practice.

Different incidents require different responses, this can result in plans that vary significantly from those addressing minimal incidents to plans that become bloated attempting to tackle all possible scenarios. Incident response must be approached strategically with the goal of improving the organizations overall ability to operate even while under at…

Raising the Bar for Printer Security


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